With great pleasure and pride we would like to inform you that recently we started an industrial line for the production of cardboard books for children, type „boardbook”.
It’s an unique, fully automated line, made of assembling-folding stations and one cover station, with the possibility of rounding the corners in one process. It’s also possible to prepare ready inside blocs, that will be later combined with the hard cover.
Meeting the international trends, and taking care of the reader’s health which, in this situation are children, the boardbooks production will meet the highest requirements in terms of both mechanical and chemical safety.  So that the publishers will be able to offer parents not only wise and creative but also very safety books.

-minimum size                  70 x 115 mm
-maximum size                 210 x 297 mm
-material’s grammage (interior)     single sided cardboards 250 – 350gsm (optimal)
-quantity of stations         15 assembling + cover station (softcover)
-efficiency                up to 4000 copies/hour


SOFTCOVERS (cover and interior made form cardboard)
- In one pass through the production line we receive ready product with rounded corners
- both cover and interior can be laminated (gloss, matt) or varnished (offset, UV varnish)

- In one pass through the production line we receive ready book block to be combined with the hard cover  
- the book blocks can have round corners
- the book blocks can be laminatem with foil (gloss, matt) or varnished (offset, UV varnish)
- types of cover:
- with or without rounded corners
- board or foam padded board
- laminated with gloss or matt foil with UV spot varnish or glitter, possibility of hot foil stamping (gold, silver, other colours)