Gotuj z sercem II – contest for the cover settled

On 05.10.2011. in Warsaw was officially settled the contest for the cover of the II edition of the book „Gotuj z sercem”, which Druk-Intro S.A. was the honorary patron.

The ceremonial unveiling of the winning design has been made by Mrs Katarzyna Rogalska - Agent of the Board of  Druk-Intro S.A.
The prize went to Mrs. Monika Naturska. Congratulations!

This event was followed by a debate, aimed at drawing attention to the various problems associated with the feeding of children, often as extreme as obesity and malnutrition, and the possibility of preventing such phenomena through cooperation of business - NGO - society.

We look forward to delicious meals that will be in the book. Machines are waiting for the signal to start!


fot. Jan Kucharzyk