Each of our 8-colour offset printing machines is equipped with a sheeter that allows the use of roll-fed paper. Our 5-colour machines can coat with dispersion varnish, print varnish and UV varnish. We also have a roll-fed machine for printing insides of romance/fiction novels, complemented by a very compact sheet-fed machine for 1+1 printing which we use for smaller runs and other types of prints.


We offer

Colour print, 1 + 1 and heatset: 2 + 2, 1 + 1


A book can never be beautiful without an exceptional cover. Our machinery park enables us to perform most types of refinement tasks "in house", without the need for outsourcing.


  • Hot stamping
  • Embossing and debossing
  • Different types of films (structured, soft-touch, gloss, matte, scratch-resistant)
  • Different types of varnish (UV gloss, UV matte, machine, dispersion and even glitter)

We offer

Colouring of book block edges - both in paperback and hardback.


Children's books


Our latest purchase and source of great pride is a pair of state-of-the-art, fully automated lines for the production of board books. These machines enable us to produce a wide range of children's books. The combined capacity of these lines is capable of manufacturing over 1.5 million board books per month.

  • in formats ranging from 100x100 mm to 250x320 mm
  • hard back or soft back cover
  • straight or rounded corners
  • with spacers made from foam or paperboard
  • with die cut puzzles, punched windows or holes, die cut to shape


We are a leading supplier of hardcover books. We operate a fully automated collating, stitching and hanging line. This machine guarantees high quality and consistency of every production run. It is complemented by state-of-the-art machines for the production of covers - both hard and soft as well as with rounded edges and flexo bound.

  • in formats ranging from 100x100 mm to 305x375 mm
  • available block widths from 2 mm to 80 mm
  • blocks glued or sewn
  • rounded or flat spine
  • rounded or straight corners
  • covers: paper, cloth, combination (half-cloth), flexo bound or PVC, produced both on standard paperboard and paperboard with foam
  • covers with punched holes
  • hard back cover with metal spiral (WIRE-O, screw-in)


It is realized on an efficient production line, which allows the production of books glued with hotmelt, PUR, 2shot glue, as well as sewn booklets. The high level of professionalism of our employees and readiness to carry out difficult and unusual types of production, allows us to offer special types of booklet binding, such as binding with an open spine (allowing easy tear-out of pages), Ota-bind or booklet with pasted cardboard, the purpose of which is to stiffen the block (often used for coloring books). We also undertake the implementation of die-cutting shapes on finished products or covers.

  • in formats ranging from 100x125 mm to 310x390 mm
  • block widths ranging from 3 mm to 60 mm
  • blocks glued or sewn
  • covers with one or two flaps
  • paperback with die cut shape
  • paperback with stickers
  • paperback with clamped metal spiral (WIRE-O) or spiral screwed into block - both metal and plastic


We offer saddle-stitching with the optional choice of safe staples (butterfly stitching).

  • in formats ranging from 105x148 mm to 300x400 mm
  • covers with one or two flaps
  • sticker books
  • for unique orders, we offer binding wires in non-standard colours

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"Singer" thread sewn binding

New to Druk Intro's offer is thread-stitched binding, popularly known as Singer. This is a completely safe and attractively priced alternative to notebook binding.

It is realized on a proprietary production line, which allows fully automatic gathering, stitching, folding and stippling of the shape in the finished book.

If you want to highlight your product, feel free to contact us!

Playing cards for children and adults

Another new addition to our range is playing cards. The newly acquired technological line allows fully automatic production of both typical cards (for poker, tarot, bridge) and custom-made cards according to specific customer expectations.

Automatic die-punching, picking in a specific order and packaging allows for cost-effective production of even the most unusual orders.

The unique design of our processing line renders it possible for us not only to realize "typical" card sets, but also circular, spiral, and riveted card sets.

If no one in Europe has taken on to execute your idea, this is a good time to get in touch with Druk Intro.

Displays and cardboard packaging

Druk Intro's wide range of products also includes a wide selection of corrugated cardboard displays and cardboard packaging.

If you are looking for a partner who will realize for you both an interesting and imaginative packaging together with packaging services, we cordially invite you to contact us.


Every production process,

even the most complicated or challenging, must come to an end. Druk Intro S.A. offers additional services in this field.

We have considerable experience in packaging quantities exceeding 0.5 million books, including numerous titles in different languages. All this is achieved on packaging lines which we have created in-house: equipped with belts that end with cardboard box tapers (capable of double-T sealing with the option to use fibre reinforced tape).

  • Packaging of promotional materials for books
  • Wrapping single copies in heat shrinkable and non-shrinking films
  • Inserting CDs or DVDs
  • Attaching gadgets, holograms, labels and stickers
  • Applying promotional belly bands
  • Inserting anti-theft protection
  • These are just a few of the services we offer


We deliver our products loose-loaded onto pallets or packed in cardboard boxes. With the help of our die cutting and laminating machines, we can also produce display type packaging.

3D jigsaw puzzles

A recently introduced solution for covering foam with paper allows us to offer 3D jigsaw puzzle production encompassing everything from design, graphics and box through to the packaging of the final product.