"If there were no women, all the money in the world would have no meaning" - this thought expressed by Onasis fully captures the importance and value of Women. The role of Ladies - in family, professional, social life - is a role that cannot be overestimated. And although, in the words of British writer Joseph Conrad, "to be a woman is a terribly difficult occupation, because it consists mainly in dealing with men," we hope that Dear Ladies do not have too many reasons for this alleged "difficulty". 😊

To all the ladies on Women's Day, the male part of the Crew bows low, wishing that the dreams hidden in their hearts may spread their wings, and that the joy flowing from the goodness of human hearts brings cheerful thoughts and warm feelings every day. We hope that respect for women will soon be the basis of decisions and actions of all men's actions.

Today's Ladies' Day was complemented by cakes, unusual in their artistic expression, delivered by Aneta Miklas Lukrowa Królowa Domowe Wypieki. Portioning the cakes turned out to be a skill requiring not only skilled hands, but also a kind of fortitude. For it must be admitted that at such a delightful sight many hands trembled. However, when you managed to control this trembling - your taste buds had a great delight. 😊Mrs. Aneto - the expression of highest appreciation!