Last year we established cooperation with the founder of the group "Long New Aid for Ukraine." Pawel Halupka - the initiator and founder of the group - from the first days of the war engaged with his whole self in all forms of assistance to the population of the occupied country, delivering the necessary support to Ukrainian villages. DRUK-INTRO, which has always supported reliable initiatives, has become an active member of the group.

The project to support the people of Ukraine, of which we became an essential part ten months ago, has evolved into a far broader initiative thanks to Partners. The development of the group resulted in the change of its name to DŁUGIE NEW AND PARTNERS - HELP FOR UKRAINE. Thanks to the joint efforts of all members of the group, it was possible to organize many shipments to Ukrainian villages, deliver tens of tons of products, and support thousands of people. The last Christmas campaign, in which we also had our share, resulted in the transfer of more than a thousand gift packages to children. So much good offered to those most in need at such a cruel time for them.

We support the group's activities not only by periodically engaging in actions. As part of our cooperation, we created a new logo for the group at Paul's request. A summary of the year's aid activities for civilians, children and the military is presented in a video we edited and posted on the group's Facebook profile - which we encourage you to watch.