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Druk Intro is synonymous with consistency and guaranteed reliability.
Our company has been in business since 1994 and has always specialized in printing books and similar products. Our main goal is to provide publishers with the widest possible array of professional printing services. With continuous investment in the development of our company and a devoted team, we have the reputation of a reliable and solid partner for publishers.


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We specialize in the printing and binding of books, albums and schoolbooks. We operate a state-of-the-art, highly automated production process, guaranteeing top quality end product.

We are the only company in Europe to own two fully automated board book production lines!

  • in formats ranging from 100x100 mm to 250x320 mm
  • hard back or soft back cover
  • straight or rounded corners
  • with spacers made from paperboard or foam
  • with jigsaw puzzles, windows, punched holes or die cut to shape
  • in formats ranging from 100x100 mm to 305x375 mm
  • block widths ranging from 2 mm to 80 mm
  • blocks glued or sewn
  • rounded or flat spine
  • covers: paper, cloth, combination (half-cover), flexo bound, PVC
  • hard back cover with metal spiral (WIRE-O), covers with punched holes
  • in formats ranging from 100x125 mm to 310x390 mm
  • block thickness ranging from 3 mm to 60 mm
  • blocks glued or sewn
  • covers with one or two flaps
  • brochures die cut to shape, brochures with metal (WIRE-O) or plastic spiral
  • in formats ranging from 105x148 mm to 300x400 mm
  • covers with one or two flaps
  • sticker books
  • for unique orders, we offer binding wires in non-standard colours


We run a state-of-the-art, highly automated production process combined with advanced quality management of the end product. We offer nearly all possible types of back covers and most book refinement techniques for print runs between one thousand and several hundred thousand copies. We are the only company in Europe to own two fully automated lines for the production of children's board books (including books with jigsaw puzzles, windows, fabric components - touch & feel), both in paperback and hardcover.


Each of our 8-colour offset printing machines is equipped with a sheeter that allows the use of roll-fed paper. Our 5-colour machines can coat with dispersion varnish, print varnish and UV varnish. We also have a roll-fed machine for printing insides of romance/fiction novels, complemented by a very compact sheet-fed machine for 1+1 printing which we use for smaller runs and other types of prints.


Performed on an efficient production line which enables the perfect binding of books with dispersion glues, hot melt, PUR and 2shot. Our highly professional team is always eager to take on difficult and unconventional tasks, enabling us to offer unique types of paperback covers including open spine (which allows pages to be torn out with ease), Otabind or paperback with a glued boardpaper insert that stiffens the block (often used for colouring books).


Professional facilities

Versatility and synergy of machines and processing lines.

Our latest purchase and source of great pride is a pair of state-of-the-art, fully automated lines for the production of board books. These machines allow us to offer an exceptionally wide range of products on an industrial scale, with capacities exceeding 1.5 million board books per month.

Caring for the needs of our customers


  • Wrapping single copies in heat shrinkable and non-shrinking films
  • Attaching gadgets, holograms, labels and stickers
  • Applying promotional belly bands
  • Cover refinement


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88-100 Inowrocław


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