We help Ukrainian refugees residing in Poland.

We also help those who remain in Ukraine.

We have established cooperation with the group "Long New Aid for Ukraine". The initiator of its creation is Paweł Hałupka - a man strongly committed to providing direct help to Ukrainian inhabitants remaining in their localities. Paweł cyclically travels thousands of kilometres to deliver the most needed goods to the inhabitants. He reaches places where the situation is tragic: Bucha, Irpin.

We made an instant decision to support these activities. In just two days, our company prepared 160 boxes with educational kits for the youngest, which were complemented with sweets. With the funds collected, we bought more than half a thousand tins. We packed nearly 140 mascots, which were given to Druk-Intro employees. Just two days later, our aid reached the hands of those in need.

Paweł does not stop in his activity - he plans more trips to Ukraine.

We continue to support these activities - we are planning the next steps.