In this year's edition of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity we supported the headquarters of the WOŚP LIPNO, donating Imagium Albums designed and made by our company in their special orchestral version. The albums met with favorable reviews and interest among the bidders. One copy - the special one, autographed by the conductor of the Orchestra Jurek Owsiak - We auctioned it off at a nationwide auction. It will remain with us as a memento of our participation in the 31st finals. 😊

The Lipno finale was honored with its concert Piotr Bukartyk - a master of words and rhyme, a player, an incorrigible romantic, who has been leading music workshops at the Pol'and'Rock festival (formerly the Woodstock Festival) since 2010 as part of the Academy of Fine Arts. His song "From the Back of the Clouds" became the anthem of this largest rock festival in Poland. In 2017, the DRUK-INTRO company produced a book by the musician titled: "Bukartyk. A Fatal Example for Youth." Thus, there was an opportunity to meet the artist on the Lipno stage. 😊

The Lipno staff of the Orchestra (a city of just over 14,000 residents) has recorded the sum of 250,000 zlotys on its account, thanks to the operativeness of its leader Jakub Klaban Tonino Leoni. The counting is still in progress. Congratulations!

Some nice words about the donated albums and our company in the material below.

DRUK-INTRO supports those in need - until the end of the world and one day more!