On Saturday, January 21, in the Indoor Sports and Entertainment Hall of the Inowrocław Sports and Recreation Center, an Indoor Football Tournament was held for U9 kids under the name DRUK-INTRO CUP 2023, of which Druk-Intro was the originator and organizer. The tournament was attended by 10 teams from the region: Dąb Barcin, Gwiazda Toruń, Kujawy Markowice, Mały Piłkarz Inowrocław, Notecianka Pakość, Noteć Gębice, UKS APR Inowrocław (red), UKS APR Inowrocław (blue), Unia Janikowo, Zootechnik Kołuda Wielka. The teams competed in two groups - five teams in each, and in the final round the teams played each other for further places in the tournament.

Sports competition requires replenishing energy resources. Hence, during the breaks between matches, the Players and Players, together with their Coaches, consumed lunch in the pleasant restaurant "Where Once There", adjacent to the facility.

Vibrantly reacting to the events, the Fans regenerated their strength in the Fan Recreation Corner, where all willing enjoyed coffee, tea, cakes, fruit and desserts.

The DRUK-INTRO CUP2023 tournament was not limited to sports rivalry. It was a contribution to the meeting of soccer supporters, for whom joint celebration is a joyful part of being a Player and a Fan. Hence, in between the matches, all those gathered in the OSiR Hall could admire football tricks presented by Mario Muchol of the Mekka Street group from Lodz, as well as a breakdance show presented by the Inowrocław DANCE SCHOOL RAZ DWA TRZY.

Fans were also encouraged to be active not only in the stands, for whom shooting contests with prizes were organized.

The final meeting was followed by the official presentation of awards. Players, Players and Coaches received medals, which were handed out by a representative of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Football Association - vice-president for the Toruń sub-district, Mr. Dariusz Durda, as well as gift bags - including a T-shirt with the logo of the Tournament. Each team also received a cup, a diploma and a commemorative album.

As part of the individual awards, statuettes were given to: Best Player, Best Shooter, Best Goalkeeper. The Fair Play award and the award for Best Supporters of the Tournament were also presented.

A special award named after Damian Szwandke for the Best Goalkeeper was presented by Mr. Roman Szwandke, dad of the late Damian, who was invited to the tournament. Mr. Roman - thank you very much for accepting the invitation!

As a token of appreciation for their professional judging of the competition, commemorative statues were awarded to referees Krzysztof Zelek and Gerard Gólcz.

The event was hosted by a well-known "voice" in the city and region - Piotr Woltman. A sympathetic man for whom a moment of silence is a perfect space for development. 😊 Piotr - thank you!

Individual awards:

BEST PLAYER - Wiktor Juszczak (Mały Piłkarz Inowrocław)

BEST SHOT - Filip Ciesielski (Unia Janikowo)

BEST BRAMKER - Aleksander Piątek (UKS APR Inowrocław - blue)

BEST SUPPORTERS - Supporters of the team Zootechnik Koluda Wielka.

FAIR PLAY AWARD - Kujawy Markowice team

Final classification:

1. the Janikowo Union

2. UKS APR Inowrocław (blue)

3rd Little Footballer Inowrocław

4th Star Torun

5. oak Barcin

6. Notecianka Pakość

7. notć Gębice

8. zootechnik Koluda Wielka

9. UKS APR Inowrocław (red)

10. Kuyavia Markowice

We would like to thank all underage adepts of the art of football for their participation, commitment to sports rivalry, staying true to the principles of fair play. Your joyful mobilization is a motivation for us to do more.

We give a heartfelt bow to all the Supporters. You are the ones who created a nice atmosphere and made this event a real sports holiday.  

We would like to thank the Partners of DRUK-INTRO CUP 2023 - Sports and Recreation Center Inowrocław and Reissa Football Academy Inowrocław for their kindness and support.

The first edition of DRUK-INTRO CUP is behind us. Hoping that it has met the expectations of the Players and Fans, we proceed to plan the next one. We have the ambition, skills and capabilities - and thanks to you the motivation and willingness - to make the cycle of the Tournament organized by us a real football feast at its proper level and a permanent point on the sports map.

See you there!