Last Saturday, May 13, on the side field of the Municipal Stadium III in Inowrocław, another event organized by DRUK-INTRO under the name "Druk-Intro Sports Day" was inaugurated, aimed at promoting activity among the youngest and adults. Saturday's event was also an opportunity to summarize the past playing seasons of the teams led by our company's employee Mateusz Matuszak - two underage teams from Inowrocław's Reiss Football Academy and Noteć Gębice Sports Club, as well as the senior Druk-Intro team, which in the indoor games conducted by TKKF took first place in the IV league and was promoted to the III league.

Saturday's "games on the grass" began with an exciting and extremely even match between underage teams from Gębice and Reiss Academy. The duel ended in a draw. After the final whistle, referee Krzysztof Zelek ordered a penalty shootout competition.

Moments later, parents of children from both teams ran onto the field. He is mistaken who assumes that the safe pace of the game was taken care of in this meeting. Nothing could be further from the truth! The players (bravo ladies!) and players of both teams spared no breath and did not give up the field. It's a great pleasure to be able to watch active parents who can have a great time at the same time. Thank you! Out of chronicle duty, let's note that this time the parents of the Academy's children turned out to be better. We are confident that next year the close-knit team from Gębice will get back at their rivals.

The third scheduled duel was a friendly "Celebrity Match". Druk-Intro representatives and Damian's friends faced each other in it. It should be said of our representatives that they scored an honorary goal - the ball was placed in the net by Kuba Winiarczyk. It should be noted that our team has recently switched from indoor to outdoor playgrounds, which had an impact on the outcome of Saturday's match. After the end of the indoor games, the Druk-Intro team joined the TKKF games on an open field. The result of the last match in these games allows us to believe that progress is inevitable. We would like to thank the team of Damian's Friends for their willingness to take part in the meeting and the friendly treatment of the duel. Of course - congratulations on the win!

Druk-Intro Sports Day was full of games and competitions. Both children and their parents joined one of them. We don't know whether this was due to the grilled sausages or pea soup served during the event, but the fact is that the Academy representatives retained more strength on that day, winning all series. Speaking of culinary: we would like to emphasize the traditionally great involvement of the parents of underage players, who of their own accord prepared delicious cakes. The willingness to co-create real activities for the benefit of the youngest is extremely valuable. We sincerely thank you! Be with us. More than once we will bring joy to the youngest together.

Courtesy of the Inowrocław Archery Club Munin, participants were able to try their hand at archery. The competition held showed that there is no shortage of candidates for good archers, and with the possible re-release of the film "Robin Hood" the casting will be crowded.

In addition, those participating in the games indulged in a recreational game of badminton, activating their gray cells while guessing puns, or learning the rules of boules. There was something for everyone.

Saying goodbye, everyone took to their homes with smiles and joy. And that is, after all, the most important thing.

Heartfelt thanks to the Inowrocław Sports and Recreation Center for providing access to the facility and good cooperation.

Bows to the referee of the competition - Mr. Christopher Zelek acted as justice on the turf with his usual passion and smile.

We invite you to watch a short video report.