"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" - Eleanor Roosevelt.

The DRUK-INTRO team, defeating the Power Team team in the decisive match, won first place in the Indoor Football League organized by TKKF Inowrocław, gaining direct promotion to the 3rd league of the competition in its debut. The amplitude of the events on the pitch in the duel with the Power Team allowed only strong fan hearts to survive. The nature of the final meeting is most fully described by the post-match opinion expressed by the organizer of the competition, "A horror match and the fans fantastic."

Thank you to the Power Team for the exciting competition. It was a beautiful spectacle!

This most exciting meeting in the entire competition should be watched in its entirety - which we encourage you to do.

The final match of the IV league was followed by the presentation of team and individual awards. From the first place in the table, the Druk-Intro team was promoted to the III league. From the number two position, the Reset Bar team was promoted. The best goalkeeper of the IV league was Druk-Intro representative goalkeeper Mariusz Marciniak. Congratulations!

We have recorded these moments for you - see for yourself.

As the brilliant American trainer Tom Landry used to say - "A trainer is someone who tells you what you don't want to hear, who sees what you don't want to see - to make you the person you always wanted to be."

I would like to pay my respects to coach Mateusz Matuszak - the originator of the creation of the national team - who, after suffering an injury on the field and many months of convalescence, took on the task of developing the team and taking the team to a higher level through the implementation of the outlined tactical tasks. It was his decisions that often influenced not only the outcome of the match but also its course. Based on recorded footage, he meticulously analyzed each action, working out the opponent and preparing the team for the next duel for valuable points. The effectiveness of his decisions could be seen in the final match, in which Adam Stefanski played the role of goalkeeper assisting his colleagues in building the action. This clever move contributed to gaining the advantage of the playing field and intensified the creation of the attack.

The Druk-Intro team is a smartly and effectively built team based on mutual trust. Built on these values, the team's advantage over other teams was evident in crisis situations on the field. Success is the way, not the goal. Our team knows this well.

An undeniable support for the team and the coach was the ability to analyze the course of the games played. This would not have been possible had it not been for a duo of dedicated volunteers: Ola Szulc, who assiduously recorded all the matches, and Dawid Kuczborski, whose skills produced slick montages. Thank you and please: be with us next season.

The Druk-Intro Fan Club would like to thank all the Fans who supported their players on Sunday afternoons throughout the season. Druk-Intro's fans were a revelation in this edition of the games inspiring admiration, appreciation and generating sympathetic reactions. We are gathering strength for another season - this time in the fight for promotion to the Second League!

"We play for the Fans!" - that's what the players declared from the first game. "We are with you!" - the Fans of the national team responded to them. This sports project once again proved how valuable people make up the Druk-Intro Crew. We know how to be with each other, we like to be with each other, we want to be with each other. We are able to motivate and mobilize together. No one and nothing can prevent us from doing so. Because Druk-Intro is a team!